Water purification Ireland. Remove Limescale, Iron, Sulpher, Manganese and Bacteria from your water.

Quantum DMI 65 Iron and Manganese Removal

The DMI-65 is revolutionary the most advanced catalytic water filtration media that has extremely high capabilities of removing both Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) simultaneously through low cost catalytic oxidation and retention of precipitate. The DMI-65 will also remove arsenic from a water supply given the correct conditions.
The DMI-65 is one of the fewer catalytic water filtration media’s in the world developed to remove iron and manganese that is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water applications
Advantages of Quantum DMI 65

- Filtration speed at up to twice the amount of ordinary filtration
- No chemical regeneration required, a continuous injection of Sodium Hypochlorite ensures DMI65 is constantly activated during normal operation and backwashing
- Superior reduction capabilities of Iron and Manganese concentrations
- Long life material
- Stable performance in a wide range of temperature and pH applications
- Coagulants not necessary other than for special applications

Water Quality Association Gold Seal Product Certification

Quantum Filtration Medium’s DMI-65 product has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association.


The presence of iron and in water is not considered health problem.
It will cause:
• orange/brown staining on sanitary ware, laundry etc.
• brown deposit in pipes.
• very low taste threshold
• Ion Exchange: Substituting an acceptable ion (such as sodium) for soluble iron.
• Manganese Greensand
• Ozonation:
A specialized form of aeration using ozone to convert soluble iron.
• DMI-65:
Silica sand based filtration media

Benefits of treating
• Saving time spend to clean sanitary ware
• Saving money spend on detergents
• Saving money and time spend on changing pipes
• Better taste of water
• No colour in water
• Nice looking sanitary ware
• Satisfaction


At high concentrations in water it will cause:
• an unpleasant taste,
• deposits on food during cooking,
• stains on sanitary ware,
• discoloration of laundry,
• deposits on plumbing fittings and cooking utensils,
• will foster the growth of micro-organisms in water supply systems

The removal of manganese from water supplies is often done in conjunction with iron removal.

Benefits of treating
• Health
• Pleasure
• Satisfaction
• Nice looking and tasting food and water
• Saving time spend to clean sanitary ware
• Saving money spend on detergents
• Saving money and time spend on changing pipes
• Saving money on clothes


Arsenic in drinking water causes bladder, lung and skin cancer, and may cause kidney and liver cancer. The study also found that arsenic harms the central and peripheral nervous systems, as well as heart and blood vessels, and causes serious skin problems. It also may cause birth defects and reproductive problems.

Boiling water or chlorine disinfection will not remove arsenic.
There are several types of point-of-use, in home filters that can be used to remove arsenic from drinking water, which use methods such as reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, and ion exchange. Distilling the water can also be used to remove arsenic.

Benefits of treating
• Safety
• Health