Water purification Ireland. Remove Limescale, Iron, Sulpher, Manganese and Bacteria from your water.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Water purification and water treatment solutions. Hydrogen Sulfide removal offered by Waterteck

Waterteck fit and supply water filtration and purification systems for hydrogen sulfide removal.

Hydrogen sulfide gas produces a "rotten egg" odor and taste in water, particularly when water is first used or heated. Hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and can damage pipes, tarnish silverware, discolor copper and brass utensils, and cause yellow or black stains in sanitary ware. As Hydrogen Sulfide is a gas, an on-site evaluation is required to determine the correct system for your needs.

Granulated Active Carbon can be used as a standalone filter to reduce or eliminate bad taste and odour, chlorine, and many organic contaminants in municipal (pre-treated or chlorinated) water supplies to produce a significantly improved drinking water. View more information here.

Quantum DMI 65 is a revolutionary filtration system designed to remove iron and manganese from your water supply. This system has received the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Product Certification. View more information here.

Aeration brings water and air in close contact in order to remove dissolved gases and oxidizes dissolved metals such as iron, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). View more information here.


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