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Iron Removal

Water purification and water treatment solutions. Iron Removal offered by Waterteck

If your tapwater is brown then it's likely you have too much iron in your water supply. The iron deposits that turn the water brown stains sinks, toilets and basins, clogs pipes and stains laundry. Waterteck offer several solutions for iron removal. There are three basic options for iron removal:

The Quantum DMI 65 is a revolutionary filtration system designed to remove iron and manganese from your water supply. This system has received the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Product Certification. If you're interested you can view more information here.

Manganese Greensand is a specially processed medium for iron, manganese, arsenic and hydrogen sulphide removal. More information is available here.

Ion Exchange Resin is a simple way to remove iron from water. As the levels and types of iron varies greatly, it is essential that a water analysis is carried out to determine the type and level of iron in your water supply.


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