Water purification Ireland. Remove Limescale, Iron, Sulpher, Manganese and Bacteria from your water.

1 Micron Absolute Filters Water Purification

Micron Filters remove chlorine, taste and odours from your home water supply and are a great choice for water filtration

Functions of Micron Filtration:

  • Removes >99% Chlorine, Taste, and Odours
  • Removes greater than 99.99% of 3-4 micron Cyst particles including: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba, and Toxoplasma organisms.
  • Removes >99.9% of Cysts, Particulates, Turbidity (cloudiness), and fine sediments 1 micron in size or larger
  • Removes >85% Cysts, Particulates, and Turbidity, 0.5 micron in size or larger.

1 Micron Absolute Filter Benefits:

  • Excellent to improve water quality, taste, smell, and appearance.
  • These filters deliver a tremendous volume of high performance filtration at a very economical price.
  • Can be used for up to 12 months. Replace after 10,000 gals. (That’s 27 Gal. Per Day!)
  • Excellent for well water treatment systems. (Cyst reduction).
  • This filter does NOT support bacterial growth
  • Well water purification note: For high sediment well water you should always put a 5 micron sediment filter or carbon and sediment filter in front of this filter.


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